The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Model

Read this step by sep guide on how to launch your model career.
May 21, 2022
The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Model

Are you interested in becoming one of the world’s next greatest models? Read on to learn how you can get involved in this lucrative career with a guide from Vsble.

Many women grow up with dreams of becoming the next supermodel to grace the covers of their favorite magazines. The advent of social media and model influencer culture has supercharged the industry – making it even easier for women to connect to agencies and take their first steps into the industry.

The world of modeling isn’t for the faint of heart. A highly competitive world that is full of unexpected twists and turns, a career in modeling could take you to places you never imagined.

However, the barriers that once kept amateur models apart from the real of superstardom have never been smaller. With many unique ways to break into the industry and a world that is more welcoming to women of all shapes and sizes, the opportunities to make it in the industry are ripe for the taking.

Have you decided that your future rests in the world of modeling? Not sure, but want to find out if the life of a model is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. From the team of experts here at the free website biulder Vsble, here is the ultimate guide to breaking into the world of modeling.

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Model

With the guide below, you can learn more about the steps you should expect to take to make it in the competitive world of modeling. While no success is guaranteed, those who are willing to put in the time, resources, and passion can see their career skyrocket.

Ready to get started? Let’s hit the catwalk!


When it comes to your modeling career, the best place to start is at the beginning: with practice, practice, and more practice.

Who’s That In The Mirror?

The first step in your modeling career is to learn your best features – and where you may fit best in the modeling industry.

If you are ready to break into the modeling world, here’s your first step: take a good, long look in the mirror.

Those who are even the slightest bit interested in becoming a model have likely spent a good deal of time identifying their unique features. While every single model is unique and built differently, there are some aspects to a model’s look that agencies look for.

What are your best features? Start with a makeup-free mirror session, and hone in on your favorite features about yourself. Seriously. Don’t hold back here – your career may depend on it!

Today’s modeling industry is long past the days when every model flaunted the same look. The Eurocentric features and straight lines that were demanded by top agencies are a thing of the past. What top modeling agents look for now are individuals who know their unique value proposition and know how it makes them special.

What are your most unique features? Does your hair fall in a certain way? Do your eyes land naturally in a particular swoop? Are your teeth just so lined up to give your smile a unique, eye-catching look? Never underestimate the power of your unique look when it comes to today’s modeling industry – you may just find an agent looking for your one-in-a-million look.

Get Over Yourself

The modeling world will require you to get outside your comfort zone and try on a variety of looks and personalities. If you can get comfortable in your own skin today, you can prepare yourself for success tomorrow.

One way to find your unique value proposition is to get silly in the mirror. Spend time making over-dramatic faces and go over-the-top with your looks. By stretching the limit on your comfort zone, you will better prepare yourself for the unexpected looks that a talent agent or photographer may ask for.

PRO TIP: Try out your favorite model’s poses.

Do you have a particular model or online influencer that inspires you? Consider copying their look and try out their poses and looks on yourself.

You will expand your own skill sets by learning from the greats who have come before you, and you will show yourself how comfortable you are with the types of modeling poses that are expected of that particular type of model.

Finally, don’t be afraid to practice your style and movements. Remember that modeling will require you to get comfortable with a variety of shoes, clothes, and poses. If you have different high-heels in your closet, throw them on and practice walking and posing in them. Watch videos of models and try to mimic their movements with fluidity.

When it comes to practicing your modeling, there are two goals: pushing your personal limits to build your own model style and learning from those who came before you. Every minute you spend today preparing yourself for that first modeling gig is an investment into your future.


Why Build A Portfolio?

As you begin to get comfortable in your new modeling skin, it’s time that you start putting together a portfolio.

The world of digital photography and Instagram-first images makes it easier than ever to start building both a portfolio and following on various platforms. However, if you are serious about connecting with agents and landing modeling gigs, then you need to invest in a tried-and-true portfolio.

Hire A Photographer

The first step is to hire a professional photographer. A photographer who has experience and skill will be able to capture you in a light that agencies like to see and will help you build a series of photographs that can quickly fill up your new portfolio. Let them know the purpose of your photography session, and ask them for their advice on how to capture your unique physical and emotive elements that we discussed in step one.

While modeling portfolio standards have changed over the decades, there is still high value placed on models who come with a strong portfolio. It shows that you are serious about the process and that you have already put a bit of “skin in the game” financially to invest in your career.

The Two Portfolios You Need

When building your portfolio, there are two types that you will want to create and have prepared.

Traditional Portfolio

Your traditional portfolio will be filled with physical copies of the best images that come from your photography session. Consider bringing anywhere from ten to twelve pictures with you that you can offer at casting calls or agency interviews.

You will need to include any tearsheets that you have as well. A tearsheet is any pages “torn” from publications, newspapers, and other print items that you may have been included in. While the name may be tear, make sure they look clean in your portfolio!

Make sure your traditional portfolio is put together well with a high-quality cover, similar to what you might bring with you to an interview. Include with your images a short resume of your experience and any past modeling work.

Online Portfolio

In today’s digital-first world, you will want to ensure that your digital portfolio This technique is where you can really show the breadth of your experience and versatility.

Building a strong portfolio can be a time-consuming process, but shows casting agents just what you bring to the table and what you can do for them. It should be ever-evolving as you gain more experience.

Want to build a fast online portfolio that will really wow agents and modeling directors? Build a free website with an online website builder such as VSBLE. A free website builder will help you quickly add photographs, your resume, and an online portfolio that will catch the eye of agents fast.

4 Top Tips For Taking Modeling Pictures

Not sure where to begin when taking photographs for your modeling portfolio? Here are a few tips to making sure you get the best shots for a diverse modeling portfolio!

1. Focus On Your Headshot

The primary shot that agents and casting want to see is your headshot. Landing the perfect headshot can be difficult, and finding a pose that captures your headshot in the perfect light may take a few tries.

Most modeling headshots are shot to feature only the head and shoulders. Some will include photographs from the waist up to the face. No matter what you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable in your pose, as this will give the best “natural” shot for your headshot.

Keep your makeup, hair, and accessories minimal - remember that the focus should be on you! For those with facial hair, invest in a “glow up” from your local barber or stylist to ensure it doesn’t take away from the eyes, mouth, and overall image.

The headshot can be serious, or it can feature your glowing smile. Or consider shooting both and going with your favorite! Remember, your headshot will lead the way when it comes to your portfolio, so invest the time and money in snapping the perfect shot!

2. Capture A Full Body Shot

Outside of your headshot, the next most important photograph to take is a full body shot. The full body shot will capture your form and figure, and give modeling agents an idea on where you may fit best in a modeling opportunity.

When shooting your full body shot, choose simple outfit choices that showcase your figure and highlight your body’s unique features. Similar to hair and makeup in a headshot, make sure that your clothes and accessories don’t steal the limelight from you.

To help give agents a better idea of how you may look in a variety of modeling outfits, consider sticking a white fitted shirt or tank top. Throw in a pair of tailored pants or dark skinny jeans that showcase your form. However, stay away from flowy clothes or layers that hide your body.

Stay simple, but don’t be afraid to get creative as you style your shots! Remember: you can lean on your photographer to give you insights as well!

3. Don’t Shy Away From The Swimsuit

When it comes to modeling, many in and around the industry will push back on the idea of including a photograph of you in a swimsuit.

However, it’s important to remember that just as many other jobs require uniforms, many modeling gigs will request swimwear. Keep it casual and fun, and never put yourself in a position that you are uncomfortable with.

4. Take A Lot Of Shots

Once you’ve landed on a headshot and are happy with your full body look, it’s time to hit the town and start filling up your portfolio with as many creative photographs as you can!

In a portfolio, you will want to showcase your versatility. If you are looking to break into commercial modeling, you will want to find unique and creative ways to capture photos of yourself with products and on-location.

This can be difficult to figure out at first, but with a bit of practice, you can turn almost any daily activity or object into an editorial shoot. Use a purse or accessory and pretend that you are selling it on the page. With some luck, you will include several photos in your portfolio that will catch the eye of commercial photographers and agencies - which may be your foot in the door!

With time and investment, you can begin to build a portfolio that agencies and companies will love. In the meantime, you will gain powerful experience on what you can expect when it comes to photoshoots. Keep your portfolio evolving over time, and always return to it with the latest photos as you take on new jobs!


Once you have started getting some experience and are beginning to build up your portfolio, it’s time to jump in and land that million-dollar modeling gig, right?

Not quite! While some models seem to have no trouble “getting noticed” and swept up into the world of professional modeling, you may find that you have a bit more leg work to do.

One of the best ways to start getting yourself noticed is to get involved and make connections in the industry. From filling up your portfolio with new experiences and getting involved in different outlets, there are plenty of ways to make connections that can turn into open doors:

Keep Snapping Pictures & Boosting Your Portfolio

As you get your feet wet in the world of modeling, make sure you are always on the lookout for ways to bulk up your portfolio. Whether adding new pictures or by adding experiences to your resume, never stop building your portfolio.

Pro Tip: Utilize TFP Photographers. There are plenty of photographers who are trying to build their own portfolios to land gigs. Consider taking advantage of trade-for-print sessions (TFP) to bulk up your portfolio with several photographers!

Get Involved & Volunteer

Another great way to build notoriety is to volunteer for local organizations or companies. You may be surprised to find that there are tons of non-profit fashion shows and modeling opportunities that you can help out with - and add to your CV!

Stay Fit (Strategically)

Today’s influencer culture has given rise to the fitness model. The fitness industry is always looking for models who are ready for a photo or video session with their companies, clothes, and other social media platforms. While you are staying fit, keep doing so strategically!

Take Advantage of Opportunities To Expand Your Horizons

Don’t miss the myriad of acting, yoga, dance, and other opportunities that you can use to expand your experience and build connections. All of these dance classes can connect you with different sides of yourself - and help you to make connections with those in the industry who are looking for spokespeople and models to promote their products and services.


Once you start building your portfolio, the next step is to decide what kind of model you would like to be. This is one of the most important steps, as it will give you a better idea of the direction you should follow as you begin to build your portfolio and connect to agencies.

One of the best ways to decide what type of model you will be is to break down the most common types:

Fitness Model

Love getting your sweat on? There are many options for fitness models in the growing fitness industry. From marketing products to promoting training programs, if you are interested in connecting your passion for fitness with your modeling career, you may want to connect with fitness executives and companies and offer your services.

Glamour Model

There are tons of opportunities for those who are willing to jump into the glamour model industry. Glamour has few limits when it comes to body size and style, and often leans toward the “sexy” side of modeling. If you are comfortable with jumping into this part of modeling, then glamour may have lucrative opportunities for you.

Plus-Size Model

An emerging modeling industry is plus-size modeling. The majority of women fall into the “plus-sized” category, and the culture is looking for women who are willing to model in this area. If you find yourself fitting into the plus-size model category - 6 to 8 US (4 to 6 UK) - there are plenty of opportunities for you to jump in and get noticed in a growing market.

Runway Model

You were probably inspired to become a model by watching your favorite runway models hit the fashion shows. Runway modeling has the highest level of requirements and regulations on weight, style, and size, so you will find that this direction may limit your creative spirit. But if you can make it into runway modeling, you may have a fast track to supermodel stardom!

Commercial Models

Commercial models grace the pages of high-fashion magazines and local print journalism. Every company that sells products or services will be in need of commercial models who can help sell their services with a beautiful face! Never underestimate the power of the commercial model, as companies will often pay well for unexpected commercial and editorial work.

Of course, you can always jump between the different types of modeling, and many models will get involved in a variety of styles and types as opportunities arise. Make sure to keep your options open and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!


Once you have started getting involved in your local modeling scene, the next step is to take the step you’ve always dreamed of: landing an agent.

An agent is a professional who is experienced in helping models find work and build their careers. Agents are in your corner to help you fine-tune your portfolio, set up go-sees, and give you guidance on your career direction.

While agents were once hard to land in the industry, they are becoming easier to find with the help of social media and digital platforms. So how can you find an agent to represent you in the modeling world?

●      Connect with agents through social media platforms and by using hashtags to make contact with recruiters for agencies.

●      Reach out to models you follow online and see if they can offer up insight into their agents or representatives.

●      Contact the agency directly with a powerful email and resume. Don’t be shocked when you hear back - agents love a serious model!

With a bit of luck and a fair bit of work, you should be able to connect with an agent and agency that will help supercharge your modeling career.

However, it may take you some time to make the right connection and reach a deal with an agent. Always move slowly, and read the fine print to ensure that an agent doesn’t take advantage of your desire to get into the industry with a terrible contract or upfront costs.

A true agent will see your potential and invest in you.


You’ve landed the agent, now it’s time to get busy making your way up the modeling career ladder.

The first step in your career path should be to have your agent sign you up for go-sees. Go-sees - or casting calls - are the first step in landing a modeling gig or job.

When you arrive at a go-see, you will bring with you a call card, which will include the sizing information that will allow those running the go-see to dress you in the proper outfits for that particular job.

Be prepared to jump in and get involved. Go-sees are notorious for being a chaotic event that is full of models trying to make their way in the world. By getting aggressive to be noticed while still holding yourself high with integrity and character, you will undoubtedly catch the eye of a casting agent who is in need of your skills and looks.


Once you start getting work, it’s important that you keep pushing forward. Don’t forget the tips that you used to get your first agent and modeling gig. These will help you keep up your free website portfolio of work updated and help you hustling to find your next big gig.

Continue to build our resume of work, keep a healthy online social media presence, and stay involved in many of the local model opportunities that helped you get noticed. These will help you keep your “down-to-earth” persona that modeling agents love, and will ensure that you keep your eyes on the prize!


If you put in the work and invest yourself in your career, it is likely that you will eventually find yourself in the place you want to be. While it will require that you put in the work, and may end up in a few failures and missteps, by sticking to it and trusting your gut, you never know what can happen.

Continue building your portfolio, landing gigs, and investing the time in building your resume, and you will begin to find that you rise through the ranks quickly. While you are at it, give a prayer up to the gods of fashion for a bit of luck!

Final Pro Tip: Stay confident and believe in yourself - you can do this.

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