iPhone, the go-to camera for street photography.

iPhone became a powerful photographic tool. Learn how to master it and monetize your content.
May 21, 2022
iPhone, the go-to camera for street photography.

How to Use Your iPhone to Do Alluring, Marketable Street Photography

These iPhone tips can turn anyone into a street photographer.

You have the potential to do what greats like Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, Paul Strand and Richard Avedon could never even dream of doing. All that you need is a little device that you are probably holding right now in your hand — your iPhone. That's because the iPhone is equipped with a powerful camera that captures colors and images more vividly than anything that's come before. The life and times of an iPhone photographer become more interesting by the day. New platforms are making it easier to be taken seriously as a street photographer. Are youlooking for the best way to share and make money from iPhone photos? Let's talk about how the iPhone is dominating street photography, the best methods for capturing real scenes and how you can elevate your profile in the art community

Why the iPhone Is a Serious Tool for Street Photography

The iPhone is the gold standard for street photography for several reasons. The obvious reason is that you can capture stunning images organically when you have an iPhone. Photographers of the past could only capture what they could catch when their equipment was ready to go. Street photographers of today always have their visual toolkits ready to go when something spectacular is happening. The unobtrusive nature of the iPhone means that you're never interjecting yourself into a moment that's happening. The observer becomes the documenter with the iPhone

How to Strike Photography Gold Using the iPhone

The iPhone opens up tons of tactics for creating world-class photos. All it takes is your vision! Features like burst mode are legendary for artists seeking the perfect shots on busy streets because you get multiple shots in environments where crowds are shuffling by without worrying about blurring. That's just the start of the iPhone's elegance. Let's talk about some smart ways to turn your iPhone into a tool that combines the worlds of documentation and art.

Hunt for Golden Hours

You need to be familiar with the "golden hour" if you're chasing a good shot. Golden hours happen when the natural light has a soft, golden hue. This has a huge impact on photos that cannot be recreated with enhancement effects and filters. Golden hours happen twice per day. That means you should plan your photo times for the two hours following sunrise and before sunset.


Focus on Harsh Light for High-Contrast Photos

How do iPhone photographers get those very dramatic high-contrast photos? They aren't using special filters or editing software most of the time. Also, you can often tell the difference when they are using those tools. High-contrast photos can be created organically by looking for harsh light. Sunlight is usually the harshest in the middle of the day because the sun is at its peak in the sky. Try to position yourself in areas where you see lots of light and shadows when going for this effect. City landscapes are often perfect because you can search for spots where the sun's rays are cut by tall buildings.

Be Ethical

There's nothing artistic about publishing your subjects without consent! As a photographer, always ask people if they are comfortable being photographed before aiming your phone. The fact that iPhones are such low-key devices means that it's easy to take photos of people without being noticed. That doesn't mean that this is an ethical move for an artist or content creator. What if you organically capture a "moment" in a photo? Do whatever you can to ask the people in the photo if they will give you permission to keep or publish the photograph you've taken.

Line Your Shots Beautifully

Yes, it does sometimes seem like you can capture magic just by aiming and clicking with your iPhone. However, you can look forward to calculated, planned shots if you know the proper way to frame the grid on the iPhone. You should also know about the rule of thirds that is commonly taught in photography school. Here's a quick rundown for how to create a perfectly focused photo on the iPhone:

●      Activate the grid option under the "Photos and Camera" section under settings.

●      You should see lines dividing your image into nine equal segments.

●      Line up your subject along one of the vertical lines on your screen. Line up your image's horizon along a horizontal line if you're in portrait mode. Try to have your subject's eyes fall within the intersection point when photographing a person's face.

This method will ensure that the image you're focusing on will be the "focus" of your photo regardless of how cluttered a scene may appear when you're viewing it in real life. It is especially important to use the Apple grid option for street photography because a subject can easily get "lost" in a busy landscape. This is the secret to getting stunning, publication-worthy shots that catch the eye.

Bringing Your Street Work to the Web

Are you looking for a place to park the images you've captured in the streets on the Internet? Many established and emerging street photographers are already using to publish portfolios online. This simplistically elegant platform allows your work to shine with no clutter or noise that will detract from the viewing experience. This makes it a much better medium for gaining recognition than crowded social media sites. As an artist, you can also sell your work using That means you can earn an income from your work whether you identify as a photographer, street artist, urban artist, documentarian or content creator. The best way to sell your photos online is in a way that allows you to share your vision quickly and easily without hidden terms. This is exactly what Mobistok offers. Start taking shots of the world that can change the world today!

Title Photo by Amir Benlakhlef on Unsplash