Axl Jansen

We followed photographer for a day during his photoshoot in Berlin.
“Follow your intuition, follow your heart, follow your desire - i think that's it”
Axl Jansen
Axl Jansen

Axl Jansen was born in 1969 in a small village near Stuttgart. During his youth he played music in various bands and thus slipped into the local music scene, where his interests changed and he began to photograph local musicians such as "Fantastische Vier", "Freundeskeis", followed by other international stars such as "Moby ", "Falco", "Leningrad Cowboys". After some time he also worked for the local fashion industry, photographing campaigns for Mustang and Hugo Boss. Looking for the right conditions and opportunities for his fashion photography, he moved first to Hamburg, then to Berlin and finally to Paris, where he also founded his own magazine DONG. Now he is back and lives between Berlin and Paris.

We've asked Axl if can follow him for a day with a camera and ask few questions. In cooperation with the Vogue and Fashion Council Germany, the important lobby of German designers, the current women's and men's collections were staged in Berlin's Wilhelm Hallen

Watch the video below:

Axl Jansen
Fashion & Portrait Photographer
Berlin, Germany

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